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    Environmental Benefits Analysis - What We Do

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is committed to spending the nation's tax dollars wisely by investing in ecosystem restoration projects that provide the greatest benefits for the investment, and focus upon our most significant natural resources. The Environmental Benefits Analysis (EBA) program supports this commitment by developing improved benefit/output evaluation techniques, models and tools with emphasis on scientifically based and peer-recognized metrics for the analysis of ecosystem restoration projects. Program Overview Presentation


    Important News/New Products
    07/24/13 Metric Selection for Ecosystem Restoration
    07/03/13 CEMCAT Software
    06/24/13 A Framework for Science-Based Environmental Benefits Assessment
    05/01/13 The Use of Reference Ecosystems as a Basis for Assessing Restoration Benefits
    03/06/13 The Application of Adaptive Management to Ecosystem Restoration Projects
    12/20/12 Currituck Sound Estuary Restoration: A Case Study in Objective Setting
    12/20/12 Evaluating Protocols to Quantify the Significance of Aquatic Ecosystems at Regional and National Scales: Proceedings of a Workshop, Cambridge, MA, 20-22 July 2011
    08/20/12 Application of Risk Management and Uncertainty Concepts and Methods for Ecosystem Restoration: Principles and Best Practice
    08/20/12 An Approach for Developing Regional Environmental Benefits Models
    07/05/12 Reference Concepts in Ecosystem Restoration and Environmental Benefits Analysis (EBA): Principles and Practices
    Data Visualization for Ecological Analysis and Restoration
    Restoration Decision-Making Informed by Secondary Objectives
    Development of a Minnesota River Environmental Flow Modeling Framework
    Coastal Vulnerability Assessment Framework and Tool
    Integrated Ecological Modeling: Mediated Modeling and Model Development Workshops
    Observations and Perspectives from Attendees of the 100th Ecological Society of America (ESA) Meeting
    Duskytail Darter Endangered Species Act Consultation
    Rethinking Riverine and Riparian Connectivity
    Wetland Value Assessment (WVA) Model
    Retrospective Evaluation of Completed Corps Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Projects
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